Source code for roleinvite.api

import discord
import logging

from redbot.core.i18n import Translator

from . import errors

log = logging.getLogger("red.laggron.roleinvite")
_ = Translator("RoleInvite", __file__)

[docs] class API: """ Interact with RoleInvite from your cog. To import the cog and use the functions, type this in your code: .. code-block:: python roleinvite = bot.get_cog('RoleInvite').api .. warning:: If ``roleinvite`` is :py:obj:`None`, the cog is not loaded/installed. You won't be able to interact with the API at this point. .. tip:: You can get the cog version by doing this .. code-block:: python version = bot.get_cog('RoleInvite').__version__ """ def __init__(self, bot, config): = bot = config
[docs] async def update_invites(self) -> dict: """ Update all invites registered to keep their uses count good. This is usually called on cog load since these values could have been modified while the bot or the cog was offline. Returns ------- dict The updated dictionnary. .. note:: The value ``enabled`` may have been switched to :py:obj:`False` if the :attr:`~discord.Permissions.manage_guild` permission was lost on the guild. """ all_bot_invites = await for guild_id in all_bot_invites: guild = if guild is None: continue bot_invites = all_bot_invites[]["invites"] try: invites = await guild.invites() except discord.errors.Forbidden: # manage_roles permission was removed # we disable the autorole to prevent more errors await log.warning( "The manage_server permission was lost. " "RoleInvite is now disabled on this guild.\n" f"Guild: {} (ID: {})" ) continue to_remove = [] for invite in bot_invites: if all(invite != x for x in ["main", "default"]): invite_object = discord.utils.get(invites, url=invite) if not invite_object: to_remove.append(invite) else: await invite_object.url, "uses", value=invite_object.uses ) # removing invites to delete bot_invites = {x: y for x, y in bot_invites.items() if x not in to_remove} if to_remove: log.debug( f"Removing expired invites from guild {} (ID: {}):\n" + ", ".join(to_remove) ) await return await
[docs] async def add_invite(self, guild: discord.Guild, invite: str, roles: list) -> bool: """ Add an invite link to the autorole system. Parameters ---------- guild: :class:`discord.Guild` The guild to get the invites from. invite: :py:class:`str` The invite link to create/extend. Give ``main`` or ``default`` if you want to edit the main/default autorole system. roles: :py:class:`list` A list of roles ID to add to the roles list. Returns ------- bool :py:obj:`True` if successful Raises ------ :class:`~errors.NotInvite` The invite given is not a discord invite, not is is main/default. :class:`~errors.CannotGetInvites` The bot doesn't have the permission to get the guild's invites :class:`~errors.EmptyRolesList` The list of roles given is empty :class:`~errors.InviteNotFound` The invite given doesn't exist in the guild. """ invites = await if roles == []: raise errors.EmptyRolesList("No roles to add to the invite") try: guild_invite = await guild.invites() except discord.errors.Forbidden: raise errors.CannotGetInvites( 'The "Manage server" permission is needed for this function' ) if all(invite != x for x in ["default", "main"]): # the invite given is a true invite try: # breaking change get_invite -> fetch_invite try: invite_object = await except AttributeError: invite_object = await except discord.errors.NotFound: raise errors.NotInvite(f"Cannot get discord.Invite object from {invite}") invite_object = discord.utils.get(guild_invite, code=invite_object.code) if not invite_object: raise errors.InviteNotFound("The invite given doesn't exist in that guild") if invite not in invites: await, value={"roles": [], "uses": None}) new_roles = await, "roles") new_roles.extend(roles) await, "roles", value=new_roles) if all(invite != x for x in ["default", "main"]): await, "uses", value=invite_object.uses) return True
[docs] async def remove_invite(self, guild: discord.Guild, invite: str, roles: list = []) -> bool: """ Remove a :py:class:`list` of roles from the invite links. Parameters ---------- guild: :class:`discord.Guild` The guild to get the invites from. roles: :py:class:`list` A : py:class:`list` of roles ID to remove from the roles list. If it's empty, it will remove the invite from the autorole system. invite: :py:class`str` The invite to remove roles from. Give ``main`` or ``default`` to edit the main/default autorole system. Returns ------- bool :py:obj:`True` if successful. Raises ------ :py:class:`KeyError` The invite given doesn't exist. """ invites = await if invite not in invites: raise KeyError("That invite was never added.") if roles == []: # all roles will be removed del invites[invite] await return else: await invite, "roles", value=[ x for x in await, "roles") if x not in roles ], ) if await, "roles") == []: del invites[invite] await return True
[docs] async def get_invites(self, guild) -> dict: """ Return a :py:class:`list` of the invites linked to the autorole system of the guild. Parameters ---------- guild: :class:`discord.Guild` The guild to get the invites from. Returns ------- dict A :py:class:`dict` of invites linked to any role on the guild. Example .. code-block:: json { "main" : { "roles" : [ 987654321234567890 ] }, "" : { "roles" : [ 012345678987654321, 987654321234567890 ], "uses" : 42 } } """ return await