Source code for roleinvite.errors

Custom error handling used for the cog and the API

If you need to prevent and exception, do it like this

.. code-block:: python

    errors = bot.get_cog('RoleInvite').errors

        await api.add_invite(
            ctx.guild, 'main', [42]
    except errors.CannotAddRole:
        print("Missing permissions")
    except InviteNotFound:
        print("Invalid invite")
        # occurs for any exception
        print("Fatal error")
        # executed if the try succeeded
        print("All good")
        # always executed
        print("End of function")

[docs] class EmptyRolesList(Exception): """ The list of roles that needs to be linked to an invite is empty. """ pass
[docs] class NotInvite(Exception): """ The invite sent is not found as a discord.Invite object. """ pass
[docs] class InviteNotFound(Exception): """ The invite sent isn't in the guild's invite list. """ pass
[docs] class CannotGetInvites(Exception): """ The bot isn't allowed to get the guild invites. Manage server permission is needed. """ pass
[docs] class CannotAddRole(Exception): """ The bot isn't allowed to give a role. The role hierarchy was modified or a 3rd party module added the role without check. """ pass